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under development!

Infuse vr is a streaming software, don't forget to install the client app on your headset and turn off other streaming software like virtual desktop or oculus link!

how it works? PC server


run the free infuse vr server app from steam on your PC

you can get it from the steam store:


push the "install latest client..." button and install infuse app. Make sure your headset is connected and in developer mode or download the infuse vr free client app from


and install it on your headset with sidequest. Then start it

make sure both of the headset and your computer connected to the same network

if it is necessary (the client doesn't appear in the client list), set your network to "private" and make sure that in "windows control panel/windows defender/allowed applications" section the "infusebackgroundserver" app is allowed on both private and public networks 


push the "trust" button or check the "auto trust" checkbox


now your client should appear on the "trusted clients" section (if not, please check step 3/4)


check that your physical USB device (e.g. your joystick) is assigned to a 3d model. Our system can automatically pair 3d models and physical devices.

Tip: if you cannot find the 3D model for your device, choose a similar model or create your own.


how it works? headset


put on your headset and look at to the right. Push the infuse vr (in) logo


the main menu will appear (please note, it is just a functional design, the final design will be better)

you can see the 3d objects on the left. this is just a demo set for now, we will upload the most popular models of the most popular brands soon.

choose a 3d object from the left side. Push the blue button with the arrow on it.

Important: please wait a while, there is no pushing indicator on the buttons yet and to load a 3d model could take even 8-10 seconds


soon the 3D model will appear front of you


push the settings (cogwheel) icon on the right side


the settings menu appears. touch your index finger and thumb together on your right hand to move the selected object. Use the slider buttons to adjust the size, rotation and appearance.


move the object (e.g. steering wheel) in space so that it overlaps exactly with your real, physical steering wheel. and enjoy the experience 


you can place multiple objects into your gaming space

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